Why Us

Each member of the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance (CPAA) has a proven track record of success in providing bottom line results for their clients. Specialized services include but are not limited to: cruise destination and port development; port management and representation; cruise statistics; business planning; strategic marketing; economic analysis and infrastructural planning; terminal and route development; onboard revenues; cruise planning/destination technology; customer and consumer surveys; secret shopper services; Ship simulation/navigation studies;  safety and environmental impact studies and tender and contract evaluation.

With countless experience from every background in the cruise industry, members Shannon McKee, founder and CEO of Access Cruise Inc.; David Selby, managing director of TravelYields; Mike McFadden, founder and CEO of Mac Maritime, Inc.; Roger Blum, principal at Cruise & Port Advisors, Inc.; Ioannis Bras, CEO at Five Senses Consulting, Claudine Pohl founder of Lemoneight and Tom Spina of Tom Spina Consulting , each bring their significant strengths to create a powerful partnership known as the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance.  

CPAA member corporations are located in South Florida, the United Kingdom, Canada and Greece putting them near the global epicenters of the cruise and maritime industries. The strategic partnership of each member provides a global outreach service of unparalleled integrity, cost effective solutions, and endless resources.

Our Members