Our Team: Claudine Pohl


Claudine Pohl is known as a Cruise Industry Influencer and a Master Networker.  She has a passion for developing people! With her company Lemoneight, she helps her clients with creativity by helping them Stand Out, seeing opportunities where others may not. Claudine focuses on Building Destinations Ambassador's with a combination of Leadership and Customer Experience training in Cruise Destinations World Wide!

Claudine started in the Cruise World as a Tour Guide, in her College days. Prior to starting her own company, Claudine was employed by a lead tour operator, spending several years involved in Tour Development, Operator Coaching and Training of Guides and Frontline Staff across the Caribbean and Latin America.

Claudine was named Top 40 Young Talents Under 40 in the Cruise Industry World-Wide by Seatrade Cruise Global in 2018. She became a Finalist for the Talent Development Award, by Seatrade Cruise Global in 2020.

Claudine has been a guest speaker at several events, the latest engagement was for International Women's Day for Global Port Holdings, Nassau and Antigua, 2021.

Prior to being involved in the Cruise Industry, Claudine spent several years in Leadership Management and Team Development with IBM.